Sunday, January 8, 2012

How to Calculate The Nutritional Ingredients In Recipes

                                                Calories In:  1450    Calories Out:  2232

This is an actual picture of the sauce I made. 
Today's overall calorie count is good. I made spaghetti sauce with sauce, with lots of veges added in. I wrote about how I make this sauce here. It's delicious! Tonight, I measured it very well, so I could be more precise about what I am eating. I usually do  a lot of guessing but I want to try to really know what I am eating, so I can pinpoint what my portions need to be. 

This sauce is the regular jar sauce, but it has celery, onions, bell pepper and garlic added. It was delicious tonight! This is my gorgeous husband's favourite: spaghetti. Adding all the veges is something I have got him used to! 

I still ate too much at supper, though, with a supper total of 761 calories. I was totally stuffed. I ate one cup of cooked spaghetti and one cup of the sauce (which is 253 calories per cup.) And then I had some olive oil on the spaghetti and 2 cups of milk. This all added up. I was thinking of how I could get the meal down to 500 calories or so: eat only 1/2 cup of spaghetti, add even more veges, and go back to 1% milk. 

Here's a tip for anyone that's cooking a lot and doesn't know how to calculate your recipes. First, create a recipe on Sparkpeople, Create the recipe by entering all the ingredients and then putting in how many servings the recipe creates. You can then have a calorie count for your recipe. It's great! I am sure there are other programs that do this, too, but I am familiar with Sparkpeople. The really nice thing about this is that you can cook this recipe again, and know the calories every time. It's in the program. You can also print the recipe out and put in a book for yourself. I love it! 

So, that was my eating for today. How was your day?