Friday, October 10, 2014

Why I Love Living in the Woods

I believe in the importance of place. Where we live effects every aspect of our lives. Every place has its beauties, secret charms and annoyances. That is why moving is so hard on us: because where we live weaves itself into our very beings. 

Which leads me to share my favourite place: our land in the woods. This is a place fought for, desired, and loved, and this is what life in the woods means to me:

  • Freedom from traffic and the distractions
  • A quiet and authentic life
  • Self-sufficiency and dependence on God
  • Time to think, feel, and WRITE!
  • Being surrounded by beauty
  • Learning about nature and wildlife
  • Opportunity to stop chasing the dollar

Life in the woods is .... 
....poetry set in motion by the firm spokes of reality
....bliss trickling down the crevices of inconvenience and loneliness ... 
...surrounded by trees that envelope you, almost suffocate you.
 ...Feeling sometimes closed in and sometimes like you could fly for miles. 

It is living with green giants who keep you warm in the winter, block the wind in the storm, cool your house in the summer and every day, fill your lungs with life-giving oxygen. 

It is walking with the knowledge that a bear, or a wolf could jump out at any time, and walking anyway. It is bugs, and dirt and twigs and grass. 

Mushrooms, leaves, pine cones, moths, mosquitoes ... Well water, woodstove, long driveway, big yard. 

It is far from perfect. There are inconveniences, repairs to be done...things are not easy, like:
...No 7-11 if you run out of milk at 10 at night
...Using half a tank of gas just to go to Walmart
 ...Paying a fortune for Internet because the trees get in the way of your reception

But yet, Life in the woods is everything I thought it would be... and more. What about you? What is your favourite place? Tell us about it. 

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  1. I'm quite jealous. We are still two years from having our own property in the I'll live vicariously through you until our time comes. :)

  2. Bill, you are more than welcome to do just that! And it's funny, because it was many of your articles at Hubpages that inspired me to pursue my dream of living in the woods. So, it's come full circle. I love your comments. Come again, my friend!

  3. Laurie Thompson GardnerOctober 11, 2014 at 4:12 PM

    What a beautiful place. Its quiet nice to meet others who seek to live a simpler lifestyle. You create a beautiful vision of the simpler lifestyle. I wish we had trees- trees and water. We live right on the Little Colorado River but its dry above ground it runs about five feet below ground now due to water usage, much of it wasteful in the western United States- I am in Northeastern Arizona as far north as you can go without being on reservation. Yet the desert is beautiful too and I am learning with each day to appreciate that more and more. We are 100% off-grid and despite the challenges I also have much gratitude for this lifestyle. Thank you for sharing! May you walk in the beauty way.

  4. Laurie, thank you so much for visiting! Wow, you are completely off grid -- I am very impressed! You must have worked hard to make that happen.

    Your place sounds beautiful, too. I grew up in a similar landscape to where you are now: in the Alberta badlands. Wow, I have always thought the area you are in must be beautiful, too, very rugged.

    And yes, the beauty way. That is a lovely way of putting it. Having beauty all around is very calming and relaxing, Have a wonderful day! Nice to "meet" you and I will have a look at your blog, too.

  5. I love my place, but not my "place". I live in one of the most beautiful places in the U.S. but still want what you have. I'd love to be further from the city and have that peace but I'm trying to practice contentment for now. That kind of escape takes planning and sacrifice and I just haven't committed fully to it yet. I'm so happy for you that you did.

  6. I thought I commented on your post earlier, but don't see it (maybe I commented on Facebook). Anyway, this is beautiful, and I appreciate how you brought up the good and the bad parts about your favorite place. Great post!

  7. Tony, you are so right ... it does take a lot of planning and sacrifice. I had never thought of it that way, but it's true. And that's wonderful that you are in such a beautiful place where you are. Beauty can be found in so many places. Thank you so much for visiting.

  8. Hi Kerrie! I am sorry if you had trouble commenting, and thanks for visiting.

  9. I totally agree with you! I love where we live too! Our surroundings are not wooded area at all, but we have beautiful views of hills and open land with lots of rocks of all shapes and sizes. My husband and I love to sit out on our deck and enjoy the quiet and the beauty of our surroundings. I always greatly appreciate people who notice the beauty around them. I hope your blog opens eyes so more will see and appreciate it! Blessings!

  10. Debra, that sounds lovely, and it's so nice that you can share that with your husband. My Mom always saw beauty in everything, and I feel like I am passing this unto others. Thanks for such an encouraging comment. Take care and thanks for visiting!

  11. When I was younger we lived in a small subdivision that was pretty populated with tall trees, shrubs, and bushes. I loved taking my bike out for a ride around the village. Now, I live at the heart of the city, where you hardly see any green. It's so polluted, in fact, that if you drive up the closest mountain, you can see a great big grey cloud hovering over the city. Love that you get to avoid such dreary living conditions. Wish I could too (even if there isn't a 7-11 nearby in case I run out of milk in the middle of the night).

  12. Franssss, I think many of us migrate to the city when we need work, and have to be in the midst of the action. I spent many years in the city, too, but then teaching in rural areas brought me back to the country. And I am very grateful! I appreciate your kind words so much.

    I hope you can connect with some green space somewhere, maybe seek it out. It can be such a balm for creative types and helps with stress. Thank you so much for your comment. Take care!


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