Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I Got Product! Some New Healthy Foods I am Trying

Tuesday's Math: Calories In: 1685    Calories Out: 2528

Well, I got product! My gorgeous husband and I went shopping last night and I got some good products for healthy eating and boosting up FIBRE!

Bistro Express Entree
This first one is from Dr. Ben's. I have used the Bistro Express products before and wrote a review about them. Last night I was looking at the entree products and noticed that these babies are high in fibre and within calorie range for a meal. They only take two minutes in the microwave and I think would be good in a pinch. I totally prefer to cook but some days are a rush and it's nice to some healthier alternatives than junk!

Bistro Express Nutrition Information
I apologize for the less than stellar quality photos. I got a different camera and I"m having trouble getting quality photos from it.  But if you can read this, the package contains 370 calories and 5 grams of fibre!

I know the sodium content is not that wonderful but I still find this to be a good "meal in a pinch" idea. I often use the Bistro Express packages for adding  rice to a meal I have cooked. I like these and look forward to trying them.

Toppits Pop Herbs
I am very excited about this next product. This is wonderful for cooking. I know the professional cooks, like Rachel Ray, use fresh spices in their food but i have never got around to doing that. I just haven't upped my cooking to that level, and my budget has usually meant dried spices in the bottle.

Well, last night, I found something that is going to get me to try fresh spices, well almost fresh, anyways. These are from a company in Israel and they are herbs flash frozen from fresh. You pop out a cube, enough for one meal and pop it in your dish. Hello! I can't wait to try this. They have all kinds of flavours but I just wanted to try one to see how it worked. I just checked out the Toppits Website and it looks good, with some recipes on there. I also see that these are completely preservative-free.

 Kraft Dinner Smart
Okay, another one. Yes, it's K.D., or Kraft Dinner. Kraft Dinner is my nemesis. I used to eat a package of those and then feel completely disgusting. That stuff is so deadly but yet so sinfully delicious.

Well, I dared to pick up a different kind of Kraft Dinner. My camera would not take an even half-decent picture of the front of the product but it's Kraft Dinner Smart High Fibre.

It has 5 grams of fibre and 175 calories per serving (which is a quarter cup). You are still getting 6 g of sugar, and it's still pretty high in carbs but much, much better. I am going to try it, at least, because it could be another good emergency, in-a-rush foods.

And the last product I am going to share with you is my flax. I had forgotten about flax but am trying it again. This package is already opened but there it is. Again, sorry for the terrible quality of these pictures. This was taken at night and the lamp is shining off the package.

And the fibre, just for 2 tablespoons of this stuff is four grams. Not bad for a few mouthfuls! I have been adding this flax to my smoothies in the morning and I want to try to add to some cooked meals to up the fibre content.

So, there's some product. Yesterday, was a good day. I managed to stay under my calorie range and got some walking in (grocery shopping, which I feel funny counting but at least it's some movement). That was the third day that I have been under my calorie range. I am not trying to be way under but it's just worked out to be a bit under.

My lunch meal was a bit high. I went to Tim Horton's (it's a Canadian thing!) and had the large chili with a bun, and a coffee and that all ended up being over 700 calories. I was very hungry but it did feel like too much and I kept eating. Now I know that I need to order a small chili if I get that again.

Do you have any products for healthier eating you are trying? Feel free to share!