Thursday, August 2, 2012

Thursday Confessions: I'm Not Watching The Summer Olympics

Beautiful photo that represents introspection
Photo by Lel4nd, via Flickr

Okay, I am going to do a Thursday Confession. I haven't done one of these in, forever. This is a post where I just confess random stuff and get it off my chest, so to speak. Maybe you'll be able to relate. Or not!

I confess that I sometimes feel guilty about having three cats. I feel like it's hard to give all three the attention they deserve. I am glad we kept them, but I know an "only cat" would get more attention. But at the same time, they all know they are loved. (I hope!)

I confess that I am not watching the Summer Olympics. Yes, I know it's fascinating and all, but I just never like watching sports, no matter how international and important they are. I feel like I should be watching but I can never justify taking the time to just watch all these events. I turn the channel before they can finish a race. My husband called me down to watch Michael Phelps and I just couldn't do it! 

I confess that I should be doing housework right now. And other stuff. And that I am writing in my blog because it's the one little place that I can muck around with words and feel calm. Writing in my blog calms me down. 

I confess that I have not tracked for two months, at least. I want to start tracking but I keep getting worried about other things in my life and don't do it. I know that in order to get back on the path to losing weight, I really need to begin the tracking process again. It works for me. 

I confess that my husband went nowhere on our holiday and absolutely loved it! It was fabulous to sit around and just hang out. I love traveling but we couldn't afford it, so we just revelled in our homebound state. It was wonderful and relaxing. 

I confess that writing is my favourite thing to do, in the world. I absolutely love writing! I stay awake with dozens of ideas for e-books, articles and websites. I have the ideas in my head but I am slow at actually implementing. I really love writing all the time. I am planning on going back to work in the next couple months, though, because I can't make a living at it yet. 


  1. I love your confessions! So fun! We all have them, that's for sure. Don't stress. I have 5 cats, had 6 until recently. Just think of it as more little souls you're giving a good home to. I'm following your blog. I like it. It's attractive, inviting, and fun!

  2. Victoria, thank you! I am honoured to have you as a follower. And yes, the cats do have a great home. They all just want my undivided attention. That's what I get for working at home, I guess! Have a good night.

  3. I had never imagined feeling guilty for not watching the Olympics. There's a few times this week I've been thinking I ought to stop watching and get on with writing! (Or cleaning, or cooking…)

  4. Y, I hear you! Me too on the cleaning thing. I tend to write too much and clean too little. I guess the reason that I feel a bit funny about not watching the Olympics is that everyone's doing it, and it's patriotic, but I just cannot get into it!


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