Monday, April 18, 2016

Welcome to the Nature Blog!

Hey everyone! Welcome back to the blog! I know it's been a while, but I am excited about writing again. As you can see, I have changed the template (the look) of the blog. Unfortunately, this change caused a couple of bugs. Please bear with me as I sort through these errors, and try to ignore the strange double blog posting below.

I haven't written here or about four months. To be honest, I was quite confused as to which direction to take this blog. I have felt like I had really lost my focus (or more accurately, never really found a focus in the first place.)

Well, after much soul searching and praying, I have decided on a more clear focus for the Life in the Woods blog. This is the plan! It may change a bit as we go along, but this is the main thrust of it.

A picture of the road going down to the lake,
featuring a stream formed from the still-melting snow. 
The Life in the Woods blog will be about my adventures with nature, featuring beautiful photos and an encouragement taken from nature. I will also have a part where I encourage you, the reader, to get into nature a little more, using studies, quotes and examples to show how spending more time outdoors is beneficial and life-changing.

I want to post just once a week, and will try to post on the same day of the week every week, but I am not sure which day of the week it will be, yet.  Once I decide, I will save my posting for that one day, and try to follow my format the best I can. I look forward to having more of a structure, and I hope you enjoy it, too! I won't be posting as much about my adventures in the house, but focusing on spending time in nature.

Why the change? Well, I wanted to share something I am very passionate about, with you. I have always loved spending time outdoors. A walk in nature helps me think and lifts my spirits. I love my walks, and want to share some of the encouragement I find in them, and also some of the beauty I see, through my photographs.

Moving here to our home in the woods was specifically to be closer to nature and God's creation. It has always been my dream to live somewhere so close to nature, and I want to share my greatest joy with you. I hope you find it inspiring!

And lastly, I want to share quotes, studies and facts about spending time in nature, as well as facts about specific topics of woodland living, so that my blog can be both educational, as well as inspiring. As a teacher, I love to share knowledge with people. 

I hope you like the revised structure of the blog. I will be writing a new post with the new format some time this week, so you can see what I am talking about.

In the meantime, have a wonderful week and God Bless!

Love Sharilee.

Hey thanks so much for reading. I would love to hear your comments and input in the space below.

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  1. It's good to see you back, alive and well. I'm looking forward to the new direction of the blog.

  2. I love this new direction you'll be taking with this blog! I grew up in the Adirondacks before spending over a decade in the Raleigh, NC area. I found I missed being outdoors and grew depressed because I couldn't enjoy nature as much in a populated area. Now we have moved up to a rural community in North Dakota and I'm enjoying being in the outdoors again! :) Looking forward to reading future posts!

  3. Bill, nice to see you! And yes, still alive out here, just you know, teaching, which tends to suck you dry of every bit of energy you have! I am glad you like the direction of the blog -- it was a hard decision to make but feel great that I have FINALLY settled on a niche! Take care, Bill, I hope you are doing well. How is your garden looking?

  4. Hi and welcome Carrie! The Adirondacks sound like an amazing place to grow up, and I can see why you missed that close connection to nature. I think when it's in your blood, it keeps calling you back. How wonderful that you were able to get back to your roots. Thanks for the encouragement -- I am looking forward to this new direction, too. Take care!


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