Monday, October 9, 2017

Beach in the Fall has its own Charm

Hey everyone! First of all, just a brief note about the events in the world this week. Although I am deeply interested in politics, I almost never talk about it online because I cannot physically tolerate all of the divisiveness it stirs up. Our world is going crazy right now and our future is very uncertain. North America is divided as we have never seen it before. 

We are divided by our beliefs and by who we trust. There is a feeling of antagonism in the air and for those of us who have a sensitive nature, it can be deeply disturbing. One of my Facebook contacts this week said that it made her want to go look at some landscape pictures. Well, that's why I bring you this blog. 

For me, looking at the beauty of God's creation is one of the things that helps bring the peace back into my heart.
In nature, I am reminded that God loves me enough to bring up the sun every day so I can live another twenty-four hours. I see his whimsy in the flowers, his power in the wind and his intellect in the structure of the seasons.

This week, having been stuck to my laptop, I was almost faint from missing fresh air and trees and water. So, last night I ventured out into the "outside world" and away from my writing cave, holding the hand of my incredible husband. By the time we got out, the sun was falling fast but we were still able to get our fill of these beautiful sandbars that extended over 30 feet from the shore.

I can never resist a sandbar. The sand was squishy and wet but so exciting -- a beach where there is usually none. Even though it was already dusk, you could still see the reflections of the shoreline in the water, still as a cat waiting to pounce on its prey.

We quickly scurried home, content at having made it for at least a brief interlude into the wild.  Having ventured out, I was now determined to get out the next day, too.

After church the next day, my incredible husband offered to go for a quick walk to Hillside Beach. The water was loud and ferocious with huge whitecaps, a sharp contrast to the serenity of the water the night before.

The beach in the fall has its own charm, with the splendid colours showcasing the bare bones of our tall friends.

Finally, to top off an amazing afternoon stroll, we explored the nearby forests. I am eager to take full advantage of this fall weather as long as it lasts, each day a gift in the face of the knowledge that winter's cold edge could take over at any time.

In our travels, we even discovered a hidden beach, far from the prying eyes of the public, filing away another place on our list of locations to scout.

Finally, one black and white shot that showcases the shapes of the trees, bending towards one another with a sense of community. It says in Isaiah (in the Bible) that the trees of the field will break forth with joy. On days like today, it is not hard to imagine. To all my Canadian friends, Happy Thanksgiving. I hope you have joy and thankfulness this weekend!

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  1. Beautiful time of year for sure, and the pics show that. There is something about being near a body of water to help one with reflections and insights.

    1. Bill, for sure! I agree that water is so good for inspiration. Have a wonderful day.


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