Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Winter Comes

Winter comes, even
When we are not ready 
A cruel shock 
After summer's 

Winter comes overnight
An unwanted guest
With white robes and
An unfriendly 

Winter comes at the end
Of life's cycle
A time of rest before
Another season of growth

Winter comes without fail
To each of us
We can learn her
Stern lessons or resent her
 Cold ways.

Winter comes with a
Promise: clean snow
Covering each branch and inch
Offering redemption.
A fresh start.

Winter comes and is followed
By spring, summer, fall
It won't last forever
So succumb to its 

As a Canadian enduring the third month of another long winter, I wrote this poem about the mixed emotions this season brings up in me.  Thanks so much for reading and I would delight in hearing your comments (or verses!) below.

All photos were taken by the author and are fully copyrighted.

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