Tuesday, April 17, 2018

She is Puppy

How can it be 
That I already love
This puppy so much,
Who's only a small
Ball of nonsense:
Messy and clumsy
Making a scene
Over every 
Little move we
Make, crying when we
Go to bed and 
Taking over our whole 
Lives, like a dandelion,
Conquers a yard in spring. 

How could it be 
That this small
Animal, born in a
Dark, stinky barn,
Just a farmer's dog,
Could bring such joy,
So that the world
Looks more bright and
Life seems a more
Doable task again.

Every day she learns
Something new and
Every night she dreams
Of snow-covered slopes,
Millions of smells,
And the two people
Who now fill her heart -- 
And fill her bowl
Three times a day. 

She is puppy, 
Good girl, Snowball,
Loved and loving all,
Cuddles and mud,
Pee and Soft kisses,
Sticks and Bones Chewed,
A welcome home,
A new beginning,
Part of our lives
Now and forever,
The baby in the house.
She is the puppy

We love.

Good morning, everyone! Eight days ago, on a cold, April Sunday evening, we brought home a small, but rather big-for-a-puppy dog. She was bred by farmers who use the animals to guard their livestock and property. She was the runt of a family that included four sisters and three brothers.

The moment my husband spotted her, he knew she was the one for us.  She threw up in the car and barely moved when we first got her. A week later, she feels completely at home and is rapidly taking over every aspect of our lives. Her name is Snowball.

We already have two cats and they are very loved but a dog seemed like the next step for life here in the forest of Manitoba. Besides being great company, a dog is also a safety feature in this habitat we share with foxes, bears, coyotes, fishers and raccoons. Pyrenees are bred to be guard dogs and are noted for being patient, subdued and very good-looking.

She really is joy personified. I admit I was nervous about being able to keep up with the work required to have a small animal in the house and it has been a real challenge but the pure bliss she has for life makes it all worth it! I have uploaded a video I took of her below.

What about you? Are you an animal lover? Can you relate to some of the feelings in this poem? I would love to hear your feedback in the comments section below.

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  1. Loved the poem. My favorite line "a small ball of nonsense". Everyone needs a little nonsense everyday. You are indeed blessed.

    1. Thanks so much, Bev! You are so right -- we all do need that, for sure. Have a wonderful night!


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