Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Is My Job Making Me Fat? Well, Actually, it's the Stress!

Well, I have been saying for years now that my job is making me fat. Sound crazy? Well, bear with me. It is a well-known fact in the fitness/nutrition world that too much stress creates an excess of cortisol, which in turn creates an excess of fat centered around the abdomen. It is true ... my job is making me fat! Well, unfortunately, I can't place the blame entirely on my job.

Other factors come to bear, as well, like overeating, of course, and not enough exercise (sigh!) But I do believe that stress is definitely a factor in my excessive weight gain. 

Teachers are known to have one of the most stressful jobs out there, and I am a teacher. So, what to do? Quit teaching? I have, a couple of time, exactly for the reasons that I have been describing. But I have an education degree, a passion for kids, and even what I believe is a calling on my life to teach. 

It's what I do, and love to do. But it cause me stress, and my body does not handle stress very well at all. My body, by all appearances, seems to go nuts with cortisol when I am stressed.

So, I have been constantly on the lookout for more information about how to stop this pattern. I found an interesting article that talks about the stress-cortisol-body fat connection that I would like to share:
This articles emphasizes the importance of de-stressing in different ways. As a Christan, I should not be so stressed. The Bible says to "fret not," but I do not obey that one. I do fret, a lot. 

And that is why I went back to teaching. I realized that the stress is primarily from my own lack of coping skills with life ... and that I need to overcome this, no matter what my profession. Yes, teaching is stressful, but so is being unemployed, or underemployed, or employed in a career that I despise.

So, I will continue to try to understand the whole process of how my body and mind work. And trying to get healthier, and thinner.


  1. i think my job makes me fat, too. B/c i am very stressed at my job. I am sure i will be stressed as a teacher, but i do love kids & teaching. So we will see! & i am also a Christian. :)

  2. Wow, that is so cool! That you are studying to be a teacher! Don't worry .. teaching is great! Stressful but great. But I think most jobs are stressful in some way, don't you? I guess I want to become better at handling whatever stress I do get. And I think a lot of it is the way I think. Take care!

  3. Thanks! Yes, my job is sooo stressful & i am only a secretery! It is only stressful b/c of a new program they started & 8 new employees that were hired... long story! but anyway, yes. i've just recently decided to go back to school for education. i was in education before but i dropped out. :( That was 7 years ago!!! I'm going back now though. It should only take 2 or 3 years to finish!!


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