Saturday, August 29, 2009

Will that be Coffee to Go, Or Coffee Has to Go?

Well, one of my late-night research sessions has certainly paid off. While looking for more information on how to lose belly fat, I came across my interesting, albeit disturbing information.

Apparently, not only do I  have to give up Doritos, donuts, and late-night binge eating, but also coffee? Say what? Coffee is what all the skinny people drink, and eat. Who doesn't have a strung-up looking friend who never eats and drinks continuous cups of java, smoking something, all the while saying she's getting fat? 

Coffee is the drink of the creative types, the artistes ... gaunt, slight scary-looking folk who hang around cheap coffee joints and drink coffee because that's all they can afford. 

How in the world did coffee become something that can make you fat? As my gorgeous husband would say, it makes no sense!

 What is it about coffee, then, that it makes it something I should avoid? Well, coffee increases the stress levels of our bodies, literally, by increasing stimulation. That is why you can't sleep for half the night after having that late-night coffee date!

And that stress on the body can lead to an increase in cortisol, which, we know, may cause exhorbiant amounts of belly fat to be distributed on one's said abdomen.

Here's a link that explains the phenomen, a great webite strictly devoted to losing belly fat! Woohoo! Just what I need!

Well, I am going to try to give up coffee, but I  have to say, that's a hard one for me. In a way, it's not that surprising ... something that good can't be all good for you! And somewhere inside, I had a feeling that coffee wasn't good for my weight. But I conveniently avoided that nagging feeling and kept right on enjoying it. Even if I don't cut coffee out 100%, I know I will have to cut back, to ease my conscience, if nothing else.

Timmie's anyone? I am going to try out that new steeped tea!


  1. ok i'm kind of freaking out about this. i mean, i was a starbucks fanatic before getting married (in november) & then i quit starbucks b/c i happen to have married the BEST coffee maker in the world. Seriously, my sweet hubby makes coffee the old timey way - in an old drip pot on the stove & it is fantastic. He drinks coffee more than anyone i know (& he is not overweight- well maybe 20 pounds at most.) So just by association, i have upped my intake of coffee (i used to ONLY drink it on cold mornings!) SO..yeah...this make take some getting used to... ;)

  2. I know exactly what you mean! I am the same way, exactly. I used to drink it alot when I was single at coffee joints. And nOw I am married to a man who will not say more than two words in the morning without a coffee. Coffee is our "thing," our meeting place!

    So, I think for now I will attempt to cut back. I wish I didn't have this info!


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