Sunday, September 6, 2009


I tried to get the bedroom cleaned this afternoon ... there has been a huge pile of stuff in there ever since we moved in and I have never been able to get fully sorted. I get about half-way there, and then get busy, and then pow ... there's another pile just as big as the one there was before. It drives me nuts, to put it mildly.

Tonight, I almost got done, but ran out of light. And my husband was napping, so I couldn't finish. How do women do it? Keep the house on top of everything else there is to do in life. Sometimes it feels impossible. ...

I do believe, though, that if my house was in order, I would feel more competent in every area of my life. I truly believe that. That is why I am putting my focus on that right now, in spite of other things I could be doing ... important, as well. I just want to have this home a place of order and peacefulness! And beauty.

We are also still doing renovations, which has created a huge mess on top of the one that was already there. So, this summer, I did sort through quite a bit of mess. But a  bunch more got added on. Is it possible to do renovations that don't turn the whole house upside-down? Have others done it?

Is it possible to have a neat, ordered home, even when you are super-busy and juggling so much? I do believe! I have seen others do it!

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  1. I always feel better and ready to conquer the world when my space is clean and neat. It's like the saying "You keep your room how you keep your life". I definitely think it's true, unfortunately it does apply when my space is a total mess! :-P


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