Saturday, September 5, 2009

Feeling Sore

I am feeling extremely sore from the exercise I did three days ago. It feels like I ran a marathon! I hope this is normal ... I am sure it is, but it's a bit disconcerting. I mean, all I did was walk and do some pilates! Walk, for crying out loud! Very slowly! To be honest, this soreness is discouraging. It feels like everything is such a big deal ... nothing is easy right now! And I can barely walk around the house. It feels like I am going to need a week to recover from every workout!!!!!! Yikes!!!!
This weight loss thing is such a slow, wearying process. I had read a post from "Escape from Obesity" which chronicles what she is doing, and how it has been a slow process for her, but she's doing it month by month. Reading her story gives me courage. She emphasizes that it is slow, but it does work.

Right now, I am the heaviest I have ever been. I am experiencing things I never have before. I guess this inappropriate soreness is one of them. So is the absolutely overwhelming exhaustion that I feel so much of the time.  I thought it was because I was so busy, but I hate to admit that it's more likely because I am fat. This is kind of humiliating, but it's better to face the truth.

What gives me hope is that others (like the writer of "Escape from Obesity,") are doing it, and having success. It is possible, although it doesn't feel like it is.
I just hope that this the extreme fatigue from working out does not last, because my life already makes me tired. Arrrghhhhh!!!! Whine, whine, whine!

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  1. i totally understand! i hate it! i rode my bike today w/ hubby & he was way ahead of me & not even out of breath & i was...yeah...pretty much dying. But it DOES get easier. So i hear. ;) hang in there!


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