Saturday, September 12, 2009

Got Cat?

Ahhhh! Wow!!! This is funny! I started out writing this entry to express my frustration at not being able to get a cat because of how small our home is. Then, I called my husband and he suggested putting the litter box in the bathroom, behind the door. A perfect place!

And then I talked to the lady who's giving them away, and decided that I am getting a kitten! yay!!!! So excited! I love cats so much. Have to think about what to name her.

I would really like to get a cat door put in our back door. We also need a porch and a new door in the back, because that door is sealed off.

I'm a bit nervous, though, because it is more work, in some ways. Just hope that she behaves well, and adjusts to our home nicely. By the way, this isn't a picture of her, but just of a kitten. I haven't actually seen her yet!

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