Saturday, September 12, 2009

Conservation of Energy

I just finished reading an excellent post of a friend:

In this post, a friend of hers gives an explanation for the reason that it is so hard to exercise and eat right at the same time: conservation of energy. Here is the quote:

"Conservation of productivity. It's one of those physics laws that states that the total amount of productivity in a closed system must remain constant.The only solution is to quit your job and reallocate that productivity towards healthy living."

Wow!!! That is such a brilliant explanation!!!! So, we can only be productive in so many ways, and adding things means deleting things! Basically. So, I have deleted TV from my life (my husband and I cut the cable in August to save money), but what else? I went off of another site I used to frequent, Polyvore, to make more time for my priorities. But now I blog and do SparkPeople. 

But are there other things I need to delete? I have to clean the house, shop, do laundry, shop for groceries, cook, do dishes, go to work, work after school marking, preparing lessons, and doing adminstrative duties, keep up with my sister and kids, spend time with my stepkids (part-time), sleep, exercise, try to eat right, Worship and give time to my LORD .... that's just a random list. What can I delete? Plus organize, declutter and try to bring order to my house. Tell me, what do I delete?


  1. Yeah. That's what i mean about wanting to quit my job. Because i hate my job, honestly. But if i had a job i loved, i'd still be busy & it'd still be hard!! I can't think of anything to delete, though! I mean, in January i am stopping theatre so that i can do school. Ahhhh! It never ends! But we can do it, with His help!

  2. Amen, sister! Through his grace, we are strong. We have to keep going, and accept that life is sometimes hard, right? I need more of that "easy yoke" right about now. Thanks!


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