Friday, September 4, 2009

Met Someone in the Blog World!

Well, I met someone in Blog World! And I am really thrilled. She writes a blog called, "Try Try Again," and she, too, has about 100 lbs or so to lose, like me.

She is also interested in education (studying to be a teacher), is a newlywed like me, and loves drama, like me. I started this blog just for my own personal journal, but also secretly hoped to find a kindred spirit. 

Well, the LORD has answered my desire with someone who lives in a different country than me, but is so close via the blogger program. She even mentioned me in her blog, and it was cool! As someone brand new to blogging, I feel excited. Here is the link:

I can't tell you how encouraging it is to talk to someone who understands and gets what I am going through. Sometimes that is what we need most of all ...  fellowship in our journey ... not lectures and not quick answers, but fellowship. And I thank God for this. Hallelujah, He is my provider!


  1. HAHA! Awesome! Yes, i'm really thrilled to!! :) You rock! BTW, i've only met one person in Canada before & we were truly kindred spirits. We met in 97 & i ended up being in her wedding in 99 & she was in mine last year! We met on a missions trip when we were 19. CRAZY. Must be something about canadians i like! heehee.


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