Saturday, October 17, 2009

My last week

Well, this week has not been as successful as the week before. The ambush? One word: leftovers. Yeah, I made it through Thanksgiving (I'm Canadian, for those that don't know!) and managed to not eat that much over my limit. But .... leftovers!!!! I cooked up a crazy load of food to eat, and it was all in the fridge, all week, and it was there late at night, while my husband was at work. Mashed potatoes, sweet potato casserole, meatballs with sweet and sour sauce, dressing, turkey, ham .... apple crisp. MMMMmmm....!

Why would I do this to myself? Well, I really wanted to give my husband a special meal for Thanksgiving, even though it's just the two of us ... to start a Tradition for our family, being newly married. We were both bummed out at not going out for Thanksgiving anywhere, and decided to cook up a meal at the last minute. It was a wonderful meal! I had never cooked such a feast before mostly by myself. (My husband was doing some last-minute work on the house before winter while I cooked)

And it was so good. I left the table full but not grossly filled up in pigginess. Like I usually would at a meal like this. But afterwards, in the following days, all that food got to me. I just lost control this week. I admit it. And felt terrible ... terrified that I would gain it all back. I had a period of about three weeks where I felt great ... in control and not letting food control me.

This weekend, I am taking back the reins. Last night, we went to some friends to watch videos. There were LOTS of snacks. I had three carrots, all night, and water. Oh, and about 8 rice crackers. A bit high on salt but low-calorie. For supper, the boys and my gorgeous husband suggested A &W. I insisted on Quizno's (subs). I had an eight-inch Chicken sub. No A&W for this girl .... even though we were in a rush, and time was short.

But man, this is hard! I am fighting against my own tendency to want to give up. It  is so constant! And so easy to mess it up! It only takes a day or two of going off track to start those habits again. Yikes!!!

I have been teaching the kids character education at school, and this month's saying is:
Watch your thoughts. They can become your words.
Watch your words. They can become your actions.
Watch your actions. They can become your habits.
Watch your habits. They can become your character.

Watch your character. It can become your destiny.

And how quickly those little actions of greediness, of gluttony can become habits again! And how quickly those depressing thoughts can lead me to the actions of overeating!

On the other hand (always trying to find the positive side!), how quickly good actions can become good habits! Which will eventually lead to a destiny of healthiness and normal weight!!!


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  1. oh, man. those leftovers kill me, too! ahhh! but you're doing great, girl! don't let them get you down. We went to a family reunion last weekend & they sent hubby home w/ taco dip. TACO DIP! I ate too much of it at the reunion but stayed within my calories. The next two days i had taco dip after work. I still managed to do it w/o going over my calories but guess what?! My stomach got REALLLLL upset & i know that's why. I threw it all out w/o even finishing it! (Of course i know that's harder w/ sweet potato goodness, but still!)


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