Monday, November 30, 2009


Well, this morning, I went to Curves again. This was my fourth workout, although I have been a member for a month. How is it? I am trusting that it is good, and that's why I am going to stick with it. Curves is an half-hour workout which consists of one minute on an mini aerobic pad wheree you jog in place, and then one minute on a hydraulic machine designed to work your different muscle groups. It is way different than a regular gym. In fact, it feels easier. But the point is, I can do it. I know I can do this ... and that there is no reason that I can't stick with it.

I have read the research on their website, and many women have lost weight on curves. It is what is called a circuit workout, and circuits are supposed to be very effective. The workout elevates your heart rate significantly. (This according to articles I don't have on hand right now.)  Also, it keeps your basal metabolism up during the day. (According to studies done by an Institute funded by Curves, I believe. )

I do believe that it is going to really help me get exercising and get moving, and be a part in my losing weight. I need a program right now, because I am not motivated enough to do it completely on my own. I'm just not. Hopefully in time, I will get more self-motivation, but now I don't have it. So Curves it is.


  1. I need to check into Curves. Or SOMETHING. LOL. Having trouble myself. But i've GOT to do this!

    Good luck & kudos to you for going to Curves. :)

  2. Let me tell you, Curves is amazing. I went to Curves for two years. I didn't go regularly but, for about six months, I went four to five times a week. In six weeks, I lost 40 pounds. YES! FOUR ZERO. I was amazed. It really does work. I would still go but my boyfriend is bugging me about going with him so we both go to Gold's now. Seriously, though, you'll get out of it what you put in to it and if you try, really push yourself, you will see results fast.


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