Friday, May 6, 2011

Salmon OIl for Cats' Anxiety

We have three kitties now. Three girls, all finally spayed up, and getting
along remarkably well. There are Jo, Shiloh, and Grey Eyes. All three of these sweethearts are a bit skittish, and seem to display what might be considered traditional female characteristics: a bit prissy, very fussy about their appearance, and a tendency towards anxiety.

Alaska Naturals Wild Alaska Salmon Oil for Dogs, 32 Ounce BottleThat is why I was glad when I read, in the wonderful blog, Way of Cats, that cats oil works well for anxiety and brain function. I had some extra salmon oil, sold to me, from the pet store, for Shiloh's coat, and decided to give both Jo and Shiloh some on their paw. In case you don't know, this is an excellent way to get a cat to eat something that is good for them, but that they are scared to try. Rub some on their paw, or back. They will be sure to wipe it off of themselves very soon. A cat would not dream of leaving her beautiful coat all messy-like, with oil on it.

So I tried it, on both of them. They both started licking themselves right away, and a couple of hours later, Jo started to lick Shiloh. That's when I knew it had worked! She was actually seeking out the oil for herself, so it must have gone down well.

I am concerned about Jo, especially, because she does get so easily stressed. I am going to give them some of this salmon oil regularly, maybe a couple times a month. The oil is also good for heart health, the immune system, and their coat. (The reason I got it, in the first place.)

Be warned, though, that it is pretty stinky. My husband was quite disgusted with the odour, and was very worried that I was going to make the rest of the house stink, with this stuff on my fingers. Don't worry, honey, I washed my hands!

Our Sweet Shiloh Bear
One more good thing for easing stress is the called the Nutri-Vet Pet-Ease Paw Gel for Cats. This stuff is amazing!  We used this one before, and I swear, it was like the cat was on some good drugs, but it was all natural. We used to use this sometimes to calm Shiloh down, but we need to get some more.

Also, the oil I used tonight is from a country called Alaska Naturals. I am going to keep an eye on it, and see if it does seem to help calm down the cats. It's good for them, anyway. And you can also just pour a teaspoon of it, on top of their food.

I am going to observe them to see if this helps, but Omegas are great for brain function, so it makes sense!

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