Friday, May 6, 2011

River Walk

The Bridge we saw. Look at how high the water is! 
Well, I did it. I walked for two and a half hours tonight, and I am completely exhausted! Well, it wasn't just me, but we. My gorgeous husband asked me to go for a walk tonight, and boy, did we go for a walk. We saw three bridges, the river swelling up unto its banks, almost to overflow, and trees, trees, and more trees. It was so nice!

Another view of the river. And gorgeous trees.
My body feels like I have run a marathon. It is so strange to feel this fat, and exercise because moving my body feels like I am pushing myself beyond anything reasonable. It is actually painful -- something I don't think I have experienced very often, in regards to exercise. Until I got this out of shape, I could always walk without any problems. Now, it felt like I couldn't. But I still did it.

AND, I walked one week and four days ago. For two hours. That wasn't as hard, because I was more energetic to start. Tonight, on the other hand, I started out very tired. That's one thing I learned today: that it's okay to be able to do less, for one work out time. I don't need to feel ashamed of that: I just need to treat my body and my self with respect. I was tired tonight, and couldn't walk as easily. That's okay.

This river is normally quite a small little thing. Not now!
So Praise God! Thank you, LORD, for being able to move my body, even though it was very difficult. To move it for two and a half hours. And Thank You, LORD Jesus, for my gorgeous husband. Who asked me to go for a walk. And walked for two hours and thirty minutes. Who loves me enough to do that. Who took me for a walk, and let me take pictures of the river. I love  him!

I will post pictures soon of my beautiful river, that is brimming over the top! Cheers and goodnight!

N.B. I have posted pics this morning, as promised.

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