Monday, June 20, 2011

Kitty Litter Woes

Our cat, Shiloh. One of three.
Well, this post is about cats and their litter. Did I mention we have three cats? I have been looking for ways to keep the cat boxes more clean. It turns out you have to empty them more often. Who knew? (I'm kidding!) So, my new goal for cleaning the boxes is three times a day. If you clean this often, it is supposed to cut down the smell down to nil. Now that I know this is possible, I am very motivated to try it.

I found a very informative site about cats tonight. The author, Lisa A. Pierson, who is a vet, says she cleans her boxes very often, and there is never a smell, and she never needs to clean out the whole box, because it's always so clean. Wow! She is my hero, and I want to be like her. She even did this cool little video (It's on Windows Media Player, so I can't show it) about her method of cleaning the box. One thing that was very different than our house was that the area around the box was very organized and tidy. The box had its own little area, set apart from the rest of the room. I want that!


  1. Hi Sharilee,

    I stumbled on to your blog looking for kitty litter clean up solutions. I love the link you posted from Dr. Pierson, a view of the litter box from my cat's POV! When you compare cleaning a litter box to flushing the toilet--well, it just goes to show you how important it is to keep our litter boxes clean.

    I found out about the BISSELL Perfect Sweep Turbo through work recently--turns out it really is "perfect" at sweeping up kitty litter. I have one just for the litter box closet. I definitely recommend it.

  2. Hi Tanya,

    I'm glad you found my blog! I am behind in publishing and will try to start again regularly next week. I'm glad you found the link useful and I could pass it on because I thought it was the best resource I had ever read on the topic!

    That Bissell product sounds great. Cat litter is VERY hard to get rid of. Take care and thanks for stopping by!


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