Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I Love Walking in the Rain!

I love walking in the rain!

Last night, I walked. I hadn't been out lately, and it felt so good to walk! I somehow think that if I could just rediscover the joy of exercise, I would be well on my way back to  health. And it's funny how the joy of exercise is related to the joy of life. I KNOW this! Movement is what makes us alive! (It's basic biology -- dead things don't move!) And moving will make me come alive again. Last night, I felt such a joy!

We walked to the store, which was about 20 minutes away away, and then back, and it had just rained.  For me, that's good, because I haven't been exercising this year. One challenge, though! My feet are absolutely killing me! With the last twenty pounds I gained, my feet just get huge pains shooting through them when I walk. I have to admit, this has made it really hard to walk. I hope a really good pair of running shoes would help; last night I was wearing sandals. Wait! Comfortable shoes ... I feel old!

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  1. I bet some good running/walking shoes will help! I got Brooks, they are AWESOME & so comfortable. They are not cheap - $100. But worth every cent!

  2. Melissa, thanks for that. My last pair of running shoes were really cheap, and my feet felt that! I definitely need to get a good pair.


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