Monday, July 11, 2011

Fabulous Links

I promised you pictures of the newly updated study, and it's almost ready! In the meantime, however, I am going to share some fabulous links. These are sites and blog posts that I appreciated over the last week. Have a look!

First of all, I just "re-discovered" an old favourite website that I used to go to, years ago. The site is called "Get Organized Now," and it is fantabulous! The creator of the site, Maria Gracia, offers a wealth of resources for getting everything in your home and life in order. I have used some of her free resources, and found them to be excellent. She also offers products that you can pay for, and a newsletter. Have a look, if you want a "one-stop" organizing shop.

I also read a great article on transforming a back yard, from Hubpages. Check out the before and after pics on this rather unattractive yard, becoming a stunning space: Backyard Transformation.

Finally, some eye candy from Better Home and Gardens: Bedroom Storage Solutions. I have to say I love those slide shows. This one shows some very creative ideas for storing things in your bedroom.

Enjoy, and sorry for the delay on the pics. I did promise them next, but also did not want to wait too long for a post.

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