Saturday, July 23, 2011

I Burned 819 Calories Last Night!

Calorie Differential Report
Hi! I am trying this blogging thing again, after a day of Blogger not working for me. Arrrgghh! Has anyone else had this problem?

So, I just wanted to say "yay!" Last night, I walked five miles and burned 819 calories. I am so, so happy! You know, it actually felt good to walk. My lungs were starting to fill with air, and I was hardly out of breath. And I enjoyed the fresh air and flowers and yards.

And in case you are wondering what that cool looking picture is, just beside you <<=====-. That is a screen picture of my report from Sparkpeople. The report shows the amount of calories I ate versus the number of calories burned, for the day. And there were more burned. Yay!

I just went back to SparkPeople, after two years, and actually tracked my exercise and food yesterday. I also wrote a little blog in there. Doing that was a sign to myself that I am committed to do it, this time.

Sparkpeople is such a good site. It has a food and exercise tracking program and gives you reports about everything you can imagine. It has a home page for each member and TONS of support. Best part of all: it's free!

So, I am feeling good today. I am committed to making this work. I will post again soon. Thank you so much to those of you that reached with your support on my last post. I am going to respond to the comments in comments section soon. Take care!


  1. Sparkpeople is awesome! My only thing is I have trouble entering my bootcamp classes. It wants me to enter every individual exercise & there is no way i can remember!! I wish they just had strength training or circuit training that i could pick & put one hour, but i can't find it! I did find Zumba, though & it says 823 calories burned! Awesome! I'm gonna have to find the graph that you have in the pic, i haven't seen that yet! But i am loving being back on Sparkpeople!

    Way to go, girl!

  2. Melissa, I am going to get those links for you. I don't think I can enter them on a comment, but I will either send it to via email this week, or put it in a blog post.

    I looked it up tonight on SP and I did find the boot camp entry, but it was in a different spot. I can also show you where the calorie differential report is, too.

    It was so nice to see you again on SP. It is such a very cool place. Take care.

  3. Hey! I found the calorie differential report last night but i still can't find the bootcamp! I'll look again or you can email me the link:


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