Sunday, July 3, 2011

Setting a Foundation

This morning, I had to remind myself of why I have undertaken this journey: the journey to lose weight. I have taken this journey because I am laying a foundation for the future. I do have other dreams and aspirations, but without a healthy me, these will not happen. Taking care of my body and my home are the foundations of building a life.
image -- foundation by Samdogs (Flickr)

From these basics, flow anything else that comes from  a life. My life has been always lived the other way. I focused on career, and the outside world, at the expense of my body. It's not that I didn't try, but I unintentionally neglected my physical body and home, at the expense of serving others and the community. This was a form of self-abuse, and has eventually led to me being a hundred pounds overweight.

I want to take care of this body, because this body is the thing that takes me from place to place, that houses my soul, my spirit, and dreams. 

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