Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Constant Content -- New Place to Write

I am excited! I just signed up for "Constant Content," and am currently working on my first article. This site is quite different than the revenue-sharing sites, such as Hubpages, or Squidoo. This site offers a straight up payment for articles, which are bought by real clients.

Their reputation is one of being very strict in their guidelines, which I would consider to be a good thing. The stringent requirements can only help me improve as a writer, and show me any blind spots I don't see, when writing completely on my own. I view this an excellent opportunity to have an editor see my work, and to make some cash.

The beauty of this site is, that you don't have to wait for some random people to search for article, but rather, business people go there specifically to find content for theirs sites or publications. I like the directness of this model.

Rates are set by the writer, with Constant Content taking a 35% percent commission. From what I have seen, rates seem to average around $20-$50/article. You also have the privilege of deciding what kind of rights you would want the buyer to have to the article: usage rights (to be used once), unique rights (used only by that one client), or full rights (kind of like ghost-writing.)

I am going to go ahead and write some articles for this site. Like I said, my first one is now in draft. I am going to leave it for a bit, and come back to edit, and finish it later in the day.

If you are interested in signing up for Constant Content, you can sign up here. I will disclose that there is a referral system, which means that if you were sign up through me, I would receive a 5% commission, taken from the Constant Content share. You would still retain your 65%. You can look here, for more information, or maybe even to sign up, like I did!

If you do end up trying out the site, I would love to hear how you make out. I will also post updates on how it goes for me. Happy Writing!

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