Monday, August 1, 2011

Monday Moves: Needing a Push to Exercise

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First of all, the bad news. I did not reach my movement goal for this week, which was to walk five hours. I only walked for four hours. The reason that I did not reach it is that I was lazy. Plain and simple. I'm not being hard on myself but just honest.

Couldn't seem to get my myself out there and there is no excuse, really. I am just used to being sedentary, after a year off doing almost no exercise and it's hard for my mind and body to adjust. Ever heard of resistance? Well, I got it big time and I realize that a huge part of this battle is in my mind. I resist exercising, even though I KNOW it will help me in the end, and make me feel better.

I have been trying to figure out why I am so resistant and I think it has to do with the concept of homeostasis.  Remember this concept from Science class? That living things always try to stay in a stable state? Well, I think my body has been in the homeostatic state of not moving and eating whatever it wants. Now I have disturbed the balance and mind and body do not want to cooperate.

And I have to disturb this homeostatic state again and again, until I reach a new homeostatic state where I love movement and walking. I used to absolutely love walking and I will get there again. Right now, I enjoy it when I go but have a really hard time getting motivated.

Truth be told, if my gorgeous husband had not pushed me this week, I would  have had even less exercise to report: almost none, actually.

Bless his heart, he biked with me twice this week while I walked. (And he was the one that suggested it both times.) That was a lot of fun and we spent some time together doing something active. And then yesterday he gave me a little lecture about how I was not doing what I said I would do. This kicked me out the door, so to speak and I had a two hour walk that day.

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So I am very glad that I did do the four hours. I did part of the walk in this little tiny park by the river that I found and the breeze blowing off the river was wonderful! I really do enjoy walking once I start but I have a hard time getting out the door.

As well, I am happy to report that my new shoes are amazing! It honestly feels like I am walking on pillows. Yay!

So, that is my report: the good, the bad and the ugly. What's great is that God always gives us new weeks! This week, my goal is to walk five hours, without my husband having to push me! I  have to do this! 


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