Friday, September 23, 2011

International Freelancers Day Review

I Went to A Conference Today.
Today I'm "attending" the International Freelancers Day Conference. It's different than any other conference I've ever been to. Why? Well, for one thing, I didn't have to dress up. I wore gray sweats with a stylish but oh-so-casual t-shirt and no socks. Really.

Another difference was that there are none of those little mid-morning snacks or a dinner with seven strangers at a table, with often awkward conversation. The only eating I did was some quick snacks from the fridge and some good cups of coffee.

No, this conference was an online one. And I didn't get to the morning sessions but I am presently going to some of the afternoon sessions and wow, wow, wow!

I listened to motivational speaker called Peleg Top and what a powerful topic. It was entitled "All You Need Is Love: Growing Your Business From the Inside Out" and it sent my mind spinning. What he spoke about was doing work that we love and have a passion for. And staying from work that makes us fearful. And choosing the type of work that comes from love, not fear.

This was so inspiring but also so scary, too. Scary if we don't know exactly how to do that. What this means is choosing the work that actually matches who we are. Not just work to have some money coming in. Wow, wow, wow.

He told us that when we feel passionate about what we're doing, it's not hard to market that. What does that mean to me? This is something I need to find out. I want to start working from love, and not fear.

What about you? Is your work your passion? Are you working from love or from fear?

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