Monday, February 6, 2012

Tacos with Ground Turkey and Low-Fat Cheese

Calories In: 1177   Calories Out: 2185

Yesterday, I had 1177 calories! And I did not feel hungry at the end. It really seemed like another cleansing day from too high of calorie days during the week. It's funny how my body is starting to just regulate itself and to really want the calorie limit that I am trying to reach. 

I made tacos yesterday and managed to make them into a pretty healthy meal. Upon the suggestion of Susan at A Little Nutrition , I made them with ground turkey. I swear to you, I don't think my gorgeous husband even noticed! (They were spiced up quite a bit with the spice package.) And upon the suggestion of my coworker, I used the partly skimmed mozzarella cheese. I had 1/6 cup and it was only 58 calories. So, cheese, once in a while, is a possibility.  The whole meal, with sour cream, cheese, meat, salsa, two hard shells, salsa and veges was 398 calories. And I was full after two tacos! 
Tacos with ground turkey and low-fat cheese. Yay! 
To me, this is nothing short of miraculous because tacos ... man ... I can usually eat no less than four. I love, love, love tacos and anything Mexican that comes on a plate!  But my g.h. finished his portion, and then said, "no, that's enough for me. If I eat anymore, I'd be eating for taste." So, he inspires me! So, another binge trigger food is back. I now know I can eat tacos without blowing my day. It's just nice to have options. 

ONE bad thing, though! I woke up this morning and felt bloated. I didn't understand it, because I had only eaten 1177 calories yesterday! I thought maybe it was MSG, but I checked the package today, and there is no MSG in this package. So, I don't know what is causing the bloatedness. But I can eliminate over-eating from the causes. 

And to those who commented yesterday, thank you for the encouragement! I am having trouble with this comment section, so I didn't comment back in the comments.