Friday, February 24, 2012

To The Gym, Young Lady!

I am so excited today! We went to the gym! By we, I mean my amazing husband and I. We had kind of a slow day and then out of the blue he asked me if I felt like going, and I responded that I did. It was so great to go and I appreciated him initiating it so much. I find it so hard to go and exercise again, after I fail to do it for a while. Once I'm in the groove, it's so much easier.

So anyways, it was great. I did an hour on the treadmill, my old standby. And my time wasn't too bad, considering. And one more exciting thing: I started a new tracking system! I have been very faithful to Sparkpeople for a long time, but I just wanted to wander around and see what the other systems had to offer. And I wandered over to FitnessPal, and I'm kind of in love!

I can definitely see advantages of both systems but FitnessPal is much faster on my computer, so this is what I am going to use for now. I find tracking is SO time-consuming and this will definitely save me time. And it also has a very easy-to-use recipe calculator, which I will use A LOT because I cook very frequently. So, it feels good to be back on track for losing weight. The thing is, I know it works, when I stick to it. I just have to keep going, and it will happen. I know that.

Goodnight, everyone. Thank you to Leah and Mel for your comments. I am having troubles with this commenting system again, and haven't been able to reply, so thank you!

Supper Tonight: Scrambled Eggs Plus, with turkey sausages. Yum!