Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Beautiful Journal Choices

I wanted to share my latest article from Hubpages. I wrote about journals that are beautiful and luscious. I have always loved journals; like most writers a new journal is an extremely pleasurable experience. I was amazed at how many absolutely beautiful books are out there, and it was so great to share them.

It's funny how many journals I go through in a year. I have dozens of these diaries from over the years. Many times, they kept me sane in difficult situations and allowed me to vent when I needed to vent the most. Other books were just for listing things or recording things. I find I can never have enough notebooks and my challenge is finding a way to keep them organized.

I had an interesting comment on the article where a reader said that she felt a conflict when getting a beautiful journal because it felt too lovely to write in.

How about you? Have you ever left a notebook in the cupboard, saving it for a better day?

Here are some of my most beautiful finds, all from the elegant Punch Studio Design Studio: 

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