Thursday, April 5, 2012

Interact Media Review -- Updated

The main place that I write now, other than revenues-sharing sites, is called Interact Media. I really enjoy writing for this site. Interact Media is a place where companies ask for blog posts, one at at time. 

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As a writer, you then have the opportunity to choose to write this content, within a certain deadline of one or two days, depending on the length of the piece.

I like it because the work is varied, the pay is not bad, depending on which pieces you choose, and the clients that I have worked with seem quite reasonable. So far, I have written about furnaces, city events and a few other things.

To write here, you have to pass their writing test. From the test results, you are given a writing rank of 1-5 stars. I am a four-star writer. I would encourage anyone to apply who is looking for a place to write for cash. The payments are done through PayPal two times a month. They have always been good about paying me.

Note, written December 15, 2015: I am much more hesitant to recommend Interact Media as a place to write these days, because the pay is so low. There are many listings for 0.7 a word. 

From what I have heard, the only way to make decent money is to get some direct assignments from clients themselves, instead of taking jobs from the job board. This is do-able, but I believe it would take a while to build up to that point.

If you are looking for some quick money, the Interact job board may be okay for a little while, but I now recommend finding some good-paying clients that will allow you to have a sustainable business. If you do work for Interact Media, try to get direct clients who request you. These should pay a lot more. 

An excellent resource is the Freelance Writer's Den. I am a member now, and am really learning about what it takes to be a freelance writer. (This is an affiliate link.)

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