Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Hubpages 30 Hub Challenge is Very Challenging!

This month, April, I am attempting the famous 30 Day Challenge at Hubpages. This is a challenge where we try to write 30 hubs (or articles) in 30 days. Now, this is harder than it sounds.
My Mom -- circa 1968

Writing a hub is a little different than just straight text. It usually involves finding photos, sometimes videos and other modules. You want to make sure all  your facts are accurate and that you make sense. So, I find it takes me a while! I am trying to become a faster writer, though, and did some research on the topic.

My favourite article on how to write faster is written by Patty Inglish on Hubpages. She gives some really good tips that I have been trying to incorporate in my practice, including doing all the research for a piece beforehand, doing an outline and getting that into your capsules and also finding the pictures first. That way, when you are ready, you can just sit down and write. I have found this to be faster for me.

So far, I have written 12 hubs in 18 days, so I am quite a bit behind right now. A good thing about this challenge is that I am cleaning up my INTENSIVE list of unfinished hubs. I finished this one about my Mother that I had actually started last year but never finished. It was so good to get that one done. It is a personal hub, in honour of my Mother.

Well, I have 18 hubs left for this challenge and quite a few half-finished hubs waiting for my attention. This challenge is truly challenging me to write faster and push myself.  If you are interested in writing for Hubpages, it is free to sign up and lots of fun.

Do you have a time when you felt pushed to write more and better? What inspired you to improve your skills as a writer?


  1. Hello Sharilee, I am sorry to ask but would you remove all your articles. I don't mind helping you and have one there but now you have 11 and it brings mine right down. Hope you understand.

  2. Ha ha, Maria! You got me -- at first I thought you were serious at first but that's funny. I've been working like a work horse this month to get all of these done. Thanks for the comment!


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