Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A Reflection Time on Being Sure of My Direction

I've stopping blogging here for a while, and it's always hard to come back. During the last couple of months, I have had a hard time being motivated for weight loss. I need to be motivated but I'm not.

I just can't seem to put in the energy that it takes to track every day, exercise every day and monitor everything I do. I do it for a while and then it just seems overwhelming. I am tired. Tired. That's about all I have to say.

Life as a woman is tiring for all of us, I think. There is always a lot to do: housework, paid work, relationships, worship, and losing weight just feels like one more thing. The last couple of months, I let losing weight go for a while and focused on other aspects of my life. To be honest, it's been nice. Nice to not be focused on that all the time.

A picture my website for tutoring English
I've been busy with other things. For one, I feel more of a direction with my work. I have decided to stick with online writing (this is one of the places where I write) and tutoring together. Since we last talked, I have gained two students for tutoring in ESL and I enjoy it very much.

I spoke to a gentleman the other day who knows a lot of international students and he said there are many students looking for help with their English, so I feel confirmed in the decision.

 I am also committed to writing as a career. This has been the most agonizing decision for me. For the last year and a half, I have thought about it constantly. Is is worth it? Am I making a fool out of myself?

But something has clicked for me in the last while and I know that I am going to continue to do go on this writing path as long as I can. It is hard because the money is tight but I feel it's where I am supposed to be.

I have to find the motivation to keep on the weight loss journey now. It's like certain important parts of my life have been decided and now I am free to get back to the health part of the equation.  I hope you will stick with me as I explore my way back to caring about losing weight again.

This blog is my first step. I find my back through writing: that's what helps me do it. This blog is about exploration, and it's not always pretty but I can't claim to be perfect. I try but I am far from it. The next few blogs are going to focus on the thoughts and insights I have had about losing weight in the last while.

I tend to think first and do after. This drives some people nuts, which I understand but it's the way I do things. Thinking and reflecting helps me get to the doing. If I don't have that reflection time, I burn out and don't end up doing anyway. I don't know if anyone can relate but that's how I am.

I also wanted to say a big hello to a couple of new readers to 100togo. Hellllloooo!!! Thanks for coming!!!

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  1. I totally understand where you are coming from, and I will continue to check in on you as I see posts come up in my blog roll. Take care. :)

  2. prairierprincessMay 6, 2012 at 11:57 PM

    Leah, thank you so much! Nice to "see" you and I appreciate your support so much.


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