Sunday, September 2, 2012

Back To Class!

I Missed Teaching! 
Well, I have finished my first day of work at the school where I will be teaching grade six. And it is: FANTASTIC! The staff was very nice and everyone helped out. I have tons of materials to start out the first few months, and it sounds like I am going to have a good class.

It just felt so good to be back in a school setting again, and talking about lesson plans, teaching strategies and  students. I think that teaching gets in your blood, and it becomes part of you, once you have taught before.

My wonderful husband is going out to help me set up classroom today. Did I mention how wonderful he is? I  have been trying to get it done all week but still have not finished. It looks like I will be going in on Labour Day Monday, too, in order to get everything done.

I  just wanted to thank everyone that was so supportive in my last post, too. I haven't blogged for a bit but I appreciated your kind comments.

This week, we start with the kids and the actual classes. Twenty busy eleven-year-old's will soon be looking up at me for knowledge and direction. Excited but scared, too! Have a good week, everyone!


  1. Have a great year teaching!!! :)

  2. I'm happy for you, Sharilee. It is a very noble calling to teach and be successful at it. Always, with God with you, nothing is impossible, so you will see good results in those young minds as the year progresses.

  3. Mary, thank you so much for the encouragement. It is so good to remember that God is beside me all the way, leading me there to the job itself, and then giving me wisdom needed every day.

    And that is definitely the goal -- to see the progress of the students. Thank you for your wise words. Blessings to you!


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