Sunday, September 7, 2014

Welcome to Life in the Woods!

View of front yard, in the winter, while the trees are stark naked! 

Welcome to  "Life in the woods," this same blog with a new name and a new focus! I have changed this blog to reflect my life these days and hope you love it! 

A raven, as seen from our new yard. 
These pictures are from my yard. The yard my husband and I share. As you can see it is definitely "in the woods." And so the name of this blog is now "life in the woods." Yes, that is a raven, as seen from my living room window. 

I am living out a life-long dream: to be out of the city and in the midst of the beautiful creation of God. Wow, sometimes, I can hardly believe it! We moved of December 1st of last year, and have spent the last eight months making our cabin-like house into a home. 
Our kitty, Shiloh, out on the deck for the first time in our new home.
What will I be writing about? The central theme will be beauty -- beauty found in each one of us, the beauty of nature, and the beauty of creativity. I will share the lessons I am learning with you, about how to live in the woods, away from the conveniences of the city. I will share the lessons I am learning about writing and creativity. But most of all, I hope to inspire you to think about life as beautiful, and yourself as beautiful, and to see that seeing beauty in ourselves and others will give up hope to keep going in our lives. 

So, I hope you will enjoy the blog. If you do, please share with your friends or family.

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