Sunday, September 13, 2009

Shiloh ...

Well, I brought home a new addition to our family last night: Shiloh! This name has a very rich meaning: place of rest, gift of God, place of tranquility, Messiah .... and I do believe she is a gift from God!

She is beautiful ... but still very afraid of me. She takes off and hides under the couch or behind the TV, and refuses to let me pick her up. The only way to get her to come is to lay still and wait until she ventures close enough to me to grab her. I did this morning, and then whisked her away to our bedroom, and closed the door. This is a smaller space, and she eventually came and lay beside me. She's fine when I'm there beside her, but when we are separated, she makes strange and runs away in a panic.

No pictures .... I have to get our camera working first. But she is gorgeous! A brown-coloured tabby with a hint of orange, with huge rabbit-sized ears, haha!


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