Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Well, last night I got the bedroom done! It looks beautiful, and freshly decorated ... like a completely different room! And, it was all decorated with stuff I found while decluttering! Ha, ha ... yet another advantage to decluttering ... finding tons of stuff!

My husband loved it, too, and we had such a wonderful sleep in our cozy, romantic bedroom. I feel good that I met my goal ... to have things in order before I went back to work. We both spent all day Monday "labouring" in the house ... and it's great. We have about 10 or more garbage bags full of stuff that we purged ... ready to go out, when we can borrow the truck.
And I did feel so much better today, knowing that my bedroom was so peaceful and organized at home. And the rest of the house is not far behind. It feels so good ... !!!!!
Well, I have to run to get back to work tonight. Adios!!!

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  1. i love decluttering!!! If only hubby would TRULY let me. he's a bit of a packrat. :-/


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