Sunday, October 4, 2009

Mite-Y Shiloh!

My little cat, Shiloh, has been such a wonderful addition to our household ... and we love her so much, BUT ... she had been getting hard to live with the last week or so. She was attacking us in the middle of the night and clawing at our legs constantly. She was making it a bit hard to love her.

Well, my husband had thought she was scratching her ears too much, but she didn't do it much around me, so I didn't think it was that bad. On Friday, she was starting to make a really strange, pathetic crying sound that sounded like she was being tortured. I checked her ears and there was tons of brown gunk in there! I panicked because she was in so much pain and checked on line for what it might be. The most obvious answer seemed to be ear mites, and sure enough, brown stuff in her ears was a major sign.

It was 10:30 at  night, too late for a vet, so I searched desperately for a home solution to get her through the night. One site suggested that olive oil would kill off some of them. So, I cleaned out her ear with the swab covered in oil and drowned her little head and ears with oil. She calmed down somewhat for the night. The next day, I called the vet, and they took her in right away.

Well, sure enough, mites it was! The vet showed us the microscope with these live mites dancing underneath, and they were disgusting. Apparently, there were probably thousands of these things in her ear, and they were attacking her constantly. As well, they make the most tortuous sound known to cat! A loud, constant buzzing sound!

The vets had to wash her ears out thoroughly and then put a medication in her ear which stays in for a month. She fought so much that she had to be sedated. ( I don't blame the poor thing for fighting!)  When she came home, she was so tired all night that she slept for about 12 hours straight, and didn't want to be held. Finally, at three in the morning, I gave her some food and she came back to her usual sleeping place beside us in the bed.

And now Shiloh is a new cat!!!! She is so much calmer, and is not scratching us. She is playful, but not scary aggressive. She is no longer being tortured by those evil ear mites. I'm so grateful for that vet!


  1. omg! poor shiloh! i am so glad you found out what it was & that she's all better now! whew!


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