Sunday, October 4, 2009

Taking Stock

I just read an article in a Prevention magazine publication about willpower. What it said, in a nutshell, was that our motivation, all of ours, is limited. Therefore, you shouldn't try to cut down on your computer time at the same time that you try to quit smoking. Because there are actual physical reasons that you only have so much willpower on hand. Well, that explains a lot! All of my willpower is going towards my job! And that is not just an excuse; it's actually true!

So, as one blogging friend, said, it is hard to concentrate on exercising and eating right at the same time. I guess it makes sense, then, to focus on one thing at a time, until they become more habits. Makes sense to me! And sounds more hopeful, too!

This week, I did not record my eating and I did not exercise. But ... I am not eating junk food, for the most part. And I was before, a lot. I am not trying to get less stressed than I  used to. I am making healthy food choices, most of the time. And I am eating a lot less than I used to. So, even if I am not accomplishing as much as I would like, I do see that my lifestyle has changed. Definitely. I  am choosing to be positive about that ... instead of beating myself up for not doing more. The "more" will come, in time. I just don't want to regress ... that is the huge thing!!!! In the past, I have always regressed and gained weight. This time, I am going to hold on ... making better eating choices.

My life still has a lot of other stresses ... the job, the marriage ... that I am concentrating on. That still bring me stress ... and just the overall busyness of my life. The way it is hard to have time to go out and just relax. All of these things add up, and make it hard to add anything else. Yet. But I will in time.

And something must be working. I saw a friend I hadn't seen in a few months. She commented several times that I looked like I had lost weight. I really value her opinion. She struggles with weight, too, so she is not condescending about it, but just really encouraging.

So, for this week, I am going to try to continue to make good choices in my eating, without any junk food. I won't promise to exercise, or to track my food this week. But I will promise to do my best not to regress and to watch my eating.

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