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Nutrient Tuesday: Whey Protein

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Note: This is my Tuesday entry, even though, technically, it's early Wednesday morning! 

Well, y'all! (I get that from reading a lot of blogs from you Southern ladies!)  If you go to my blog often, you will have noticed some changes in the look of the blog. Please bear with me as I do a bit of experimentation! In case you're wondering what all the tabs on the top are for: these are the topics that I want to write about.

I would love to hear your feedback as to whether or not these are topics you would be interested in reading about. I would this blog to be a place of learning, as well as a place that I chronicle my weight loss. I guess I can't rid of the teacher in me!

Another reason for choosing daily topics is that it will help me organize ideas, make the whole blog seem more organized overall. I don't know about you but I find I have thousands of ideas, but it's hard to pin them down into something that doesn't seem completely erratic. I need to be "tamed," so to speak. (I give credit to Joanne at for the use of this term.)

I have a pretty good idea what topics I would like to cover, but it's not written in stone at this point, and I may be tweaking it in the next while. My format is something I want to work on, too. I don't know if I should mention the daily topic in my post title (as in "Nutrient Tuesday) or just focus on that topic, without the heading. Again, I would to hear your feedback. I have been exploring different blogs that I enjoy, and trying to come up with the plan that works best for me, and my style.

Whey: What Miss Muffet ate (along with curds)
So, on Nutrient Tuesday, I want to focus on some aspect of nutrition: either a healthy food, or a particular nutrient that is important, or perhaps a supplement that is good for us, or even just some general nutrition information. I will share from my own knowledge, and from some of the sources that I study and read.

Today, I would like to talk about whey protein. First of all, I am a big user of whey protein. It is one of the foods I eat consistently when I am on the weight loss path. I use it a smoothie that I try to eat every morning. It is a protein source and I find it fills me up.

I just started back on these smoothies again, and I love having them for breakfast. For me, I find that I tend to be very lazy about breakfast, so this ensures that I actually do eat a good breakfast.

I was delighted, then, to find out that a new study, done by the USDA, shows that whey protein does help in weight loss. This study confirmed my belief. The same website,, gives five more articles that tell of the benefits of this food.

Benefits of whey protein include reduction in diabetes occurences, prevention of insulin resistance, an increase in thermogenesis (calorie burning), and lowering of cholesterol.

I think whey protein may be the reason that my health is not worse than it is. The doctor said that my blood sugar and all hormone levels were good. Perhaps whey protein has helped me stay healthier, in spite of all my extra weight.

The whey protein that I usually eat is from a company called Natural Factors. I get it from my health food lady. (We have one place where we always go.)

These products are also available on Amazon. Just so you know, I am an Amazon Affiliate, so I will receive a very small commission from any products purchased from this site.


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