Thursday, August 11, 2011

Beautiful Thursday: BMI Project and Some Polyvore-ing!

DesignerCurves3 - Those Who Believe

DesignerCurves2 - Yet to Come

Okay, everyone. Today we are having another beauty post. Beautiful Wednesday is Beautiful Thursday today, after I used up yesterday's post to some confessing and ranting. To start off, I have embedded some of my plus size Polyore sets above. I absolutely love those dresses! What do you think?

So here goes. I believe that a very important part of getting healthy is feeling beautiful and believing that we can be beautiful. I know there is a lot of stuff out there about losing weight for negative reasons: that we feel ugly, that we want to feel good enough, that we need to be accepted. I understand those feelings because I struggle with them, too.

However, I think that losing weight, getting healthy, or making any other decisions because of negative pressure from others, or yourself, DOESN'T WORK! At least, it doesn't work for me. Because, for me, I need to feel good about myself before I can make a decision. It is a bit ironic, but I need to feel good about myself NOW, before I can make a solid decision to change.

SOooo... I am including some links today about feeling beautiful at any size. Sometimes it is called "fat acceptance." My thoughts on fat acceptance? I'm totally for it. Then why am I writing a weight loss blog? Because I want to lose weight. That is my personal decision, but it comes (mostly) from a place of self-acceptance. I am fat. I don't need to feel ashamed of that. I just want to get healthier, for myself.

So without further adieu ... some links for your enjoyment!

The first link is to a project called the BMI Project. It is from the website of Kate Harding. It shows some real pictures of what we call "obese," "overweight" and "morbidly obese." Have a look at these women? Are they your picture of obese?

Here are more of these BMI pictures, posted on I think the important part about these pictures is to realize that the words, "obese" and "morbidly obese" are words that have such a discouraging, hateful sound to them. Obese cannot surely be sexy or gorgeous, right? WRrrong! Have a look!

And last week, from my blogger friend, Melissa: a post on beautiful curvy women. Love it!

And now one more Polyvore for your pleasure:

DesignerCurves4: Under Her Feet

I'd love to hear your thoughts, ladies! 

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