Thursday, August 11, 2011

I Need To Think Bigger

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One thing I have realized with my writing journey is that I need to think bigger.

You might find this relates to you. I am a regular at Hubpages and I do enjoy Hubpages in many ways. Since joining the site eight months ago, I have learned so, so much about online writing, S.E.O. and website making. It has been invaluable.

As well, I enjoy the community very much and feel like I have made some good friends, albeit the Internet kind. I give Hubpages a good deal of credit for being what it is: a place where you can publish for free, get your confidence up, and take part in a wonderful community.

Oh yeah, and make money, too. Theoretically. I know that some people are making money from Hubpages, and that given time, I will be able to make some, too. The potential is there. With more knowledge of S.E.O. and lots of backlinking, I will make payout some day.
^^^Sometimes It Feels Like Begging!

But, as I was saying at the beginning, I need to think bigger. What do I mean by that? Well, the real world. The world where you get paid for doing something that you are talented at. Not wait on your hunches and hope and yearn for traffic. Sometimes it feels like begging, doesn't it? No, the real world where you get paid for doing a job. What a concept, right? But that's where I need to go next in my writing.

What motivated me to write this post was a couple posts I read recently from one of my favourite blogs on writing: Make A Living Writing. The first post was actually a guest post from a veterinarian turned freelance writer. Like she said, it's not an obvious connection. But she's doing it by focusing on her specialized markets and writing as the vet that she is. This inspired me so much to use my knowledge as an educator in the writing field.

The second post from the same blog was about taking "low pay" for writing. The author, Carol Tice, writes about how she refuses to do $15 dollar blog posts. Why? Because the pay is so low. She then makes a inspiring stand on why writers deserve to get paid a decent rate. Working for Google Adsense doesn't necessarily accomplish that.

I also read this awesome post from Freelance Switch. He warns against being lazy and just staying on the free sites, instead of working it and sending out query letters.

So, what's the next step? For me, I am a teacher. A trained educator with a wealth of experience. I have to start using that experience and maximize my assets, to use a business-like term. I have to stop grasping at straws and get serious about this writing thing. And I am going to. I'm not saying I will not do anymore Hubpages or Webanswers or Redgage. Because they are great and fun to do. And hopefully, they will result in some residual income, eventually.

But I also want to send out some query letters to some educational publishers. And start exploring the markets for the things that I am really good at writing about. Because I'm worth it. Are you?

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  1. Excellent post Sharilee. I look forward to more in the future.

  2. Neva, thank you so much for your comment! Take care.


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