Saturday, August 13, 2011

From My Blog Roll!

image courtesy of Vintage Collective

Hey ladies! I know I said I wasn't going to post for a while but I just wanted to share a few quick links from my blog roll from this week or so.

Things I read that I would love to pass on to you.

The first one is from one of my favourite weight loss writers, Byron Richards. I find he always has some of the latest research about natural weight loss. This one is about how cinnamon, black pepper, and paprika can aid in lowering insulin resistance.

Another post that I really appreciated was called "It's Not A Race" from Lucy: Don't Call Me Ugly. It's about how we often get caught up in a caring about what other people think about us, instead of just trying to make good choices for ourselves. I found this very insightful.

And from a week ago, a post about being grateful. This reminded me of what I have to be grateful for, which is a lot!

And a new blog that I found via Daily Mile, where I am now tracking my workouts: Potter's Clay. This lady has lost a lot of weight and now does races! Her blog is full of encouragement for other believers and looks amazing! The post I linked to is about how it's better to at least try and fail, then just sit by and not even get out there. A good reminder!

Well, have a good week ladies. I will do my Sunday Weigh-In tomorrow and be gone for a week. Take care.


  1. Your welcome, Lucy! Your post really reminded me to do this for the right reasons. Have an awesome week!


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