Saturday, August 13, 2011

My Blog And Why I Will Keep Writing It!

Hey everybody!

I am just doing up a quick post here before I start some more major cleaning. I have company coming from out of town this week and it's so exciting, everyone!

My sister, brother-in-law and the girls (two nieces aged 8 and almost 10) are coming for a week and I miss them so much! So, I probably won't post much this week, although I really need to keep my tracking up.

I just wanted to say, too, that I have been thinking a lot about the blog and I don't think I will keep all the categories so strictly. I would still like to do the "Do The Math Fridays" and "Beautiful Wednesday,"  but that's it. Oh, and a Sunday Weigh-in As Well. The reason I am doing the math calculations on Friday is so that I can step it up on Saturday for my Sunday weigh-in. The other categories I will try to fit in but I need the freedom to just write about my journey day by day. Even if no one else reads it, I will write just because writing is what helps motivate me and to accomplish things. But I want people to read it, too! 

I so appreciate the people who drop in sometimes and read. And a couple of you even joined my Facebook page. Thank you guys!  I love writing and always hope something I write could be something others could relate to, or be helped by.


  1. Just want you to know I READ! I'm encouraged to read of others pushing on & not giving up!

    p.s: thanks for your support on my blog - I really do appreciate it!

  2. Lucy, thank you so much! I appreciate your blog, too, a lot. Take care.


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