Thursday, August 4, 2011

A Man Picked Me Up! And Other Thursday Confessions

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...I Confess ... I Took Someone Home

Today is Thursday Confessions, and I have a confession to make. I went for a walk and this gorgeous man picked me up as I was walking down the street. And then ... I took him home! Forgive me, but he was my husband and I couldn't resist!  He called me as I was walking and came and met me up halfway through the walk. Awesome!

He's trying to get back into shape, too, and he has a lot less far to come back to. He was a real athlete at one time and it's pretty natural for him.  He needs to lose about ten lbs or so, and he wants to get back in good shape. I think it won't be too hard for him. Me, on the other hand, have further to go! But it's great when we do some walk together. It gets us both out and about and I think we both sleep better, too.

...I Confess ... I Feel Hope

Today is the day that I bare my soul to you the readers. (Not that I don't do that even on other days, but this is the special day for it!) Well, I confess that I feel so much hope right now about losing weight. I know that I can do this! It's not going to be easy and it will take a while, but it is definitely possible.

What clicked for me is that Tuesday I was actually under on my calorie count, for the first time in .... let's see ... forever. And I wasn't really trying. It just worked out that I got busy and didn't eat that much. Having that happen made something click in me.

Imaging those scale numbers!
And the other thing that gave me hope was that as I walked the other morning, I forced myself to visualize losing weight every ten pounds or so. It was weird. At first, I could only visualize the first 30 lbs or so because it's been so long since I've been down there. But I forced myself to imagine it -- to imagine how long it would take me to lose each increment and how I had accomplished that goal. It took a while but I imagined myself all the way down to 120 lbs less than I am right now. My goal right now is 100 lbs gone, but it's hard to say what the final stop will be. I will be able to tell better when I get there.

The hardest part was feeling motivated after getting into the 100 club: being under 200 lbs. It's been so long since I have seen 100 something on the scale and I have almost forgotten how it feels. I thought that when I get there, I will take a couple of months off and just coast and enjoy being 190 something, for the first time in so long. And then I will get back to work.

So that is my confession: that it is seeming possible now. And it's a good feeling!


  1. Good job on getting that man! ;) And you can do it! I'm going to plan a party for all of us when we finally get to our goal weights! I'm thinking it should be somewhere in the Bahamas...

  2. How wonderful and what fun about your husband! :)

    The day my husband can lift me I'll be posting a picture...not that he's weak..I'm just too big and nervous I'd hurt him. LOL

    Our pastor preached last night about gaining victory in the mind - I think it applies to weight loss battles as well. Visualizing the goal can help us believe we can achieve our goals.

    Thanks for sharing that...I'm inspired!

  3. Thanks, guys! I love your party idea, Amy! Leah, that's awesome! I felt it was the LORD leading me to imagine these goals, so I will take your comment as confirmation from the Holy Spirit. Bless you!


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