Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Beautiful Wednesday: How Do I Stay Beautiful At This Weight?

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 Wikimedia Commons: Peter Paul Rubens with his wife and muse.
So, enough of that.

Today is Beautiful Wednesday. Today's question is, how do you feel beautiful when you are 100, or 50, or 130 pounds overweight? You may have read some of these "beautiful Wednesday" posts and kind of thought, "nice thoughts" but how in the world do I do that? "How the heck can I feel beautiful when I'm fat?" "With loads of excess corpulent skin hanging off of my stomach and a butt the size of a dump truck?" (Come on, I know how we talk about ourselves sometimes!)

And that is a good question. How?

Am I just giving you empty words but is feeling beautiful possible when you are feeling fat? I have asked myself the same question. And yes, I believe it is.

I have a friend who is bigger.  (I've known her since we were babies.) She knows she's big and she's okay with herself.  But yet I have never known her not to leave the house looking gorgeous and glam any day of her life. Never. I have stayed at her house and seen how long it takes her to get ready.  She primps. And primps.  She is gorgeous. Her  hair is always done in the latest style. Her nails are perfect. Makeup: check. She looks fine! She accepts herself. I have never heard her criticize her own appearance. (Did I mention I admire her a lot?) She is supremely confident.

Is this helping her lose weight? I don't think she's trying. But you can bet it's helping her not get depressed about being ugly. She knows her own beauty.  And she is beautiful with intense eyes that will stare right into you.

Venus At the Mirror. Wikipedia Commons. Rubens.

What can we learn from my friend? Being beautiful and feeling like a woman is important for all of us. As women, we need it. Will we all be like my friend who rocks the makeup and nail polish?  Not necessarily. We might not be inclined and might tend towards being more "natural" girls.

We all have our own ideas and standards of beauty. But my point is, stick to your own standard. If you have a pretty face and always have, don't give that up. Play up your best features with some makeup. You still have a beautiful face. If you have always been a good dresser, keep dressing nice, just wear bigger sizes. Don't just give up that.

I think sometimes we think that once we are bigger, we think we are no longer worth dressing up. Or making up. We still are worth it. Don't wait to lose weight to consider yourself worth it. Lose weight because you're worth it.
Some beautiful bloggers in bigger sizes I love to read and watch:
Tina from T Minus T Plus. I love her style and clothes! She is my size in clothes(18-20.)
Stylish Curves has amazing, amazing outfits almost daily. Super stylish!
Anna from Bargain Fatshionista is such a cute dresser! Her outfits are affordable: more within my price range.
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