Friday, September 9, 2011

Liebster Blog Award

Hi! I wanted to thank Leah from My New Ending has given me an award. Thanks Leah! According to Leah, "liebster" means "friend" or "love" in German. The blog is to do a shout out to us bloggers with under 200 followers. That's me! Thanks so much for giving me that shout out on your blog, Leah.

I appreciate Leah so much for her quiet calm demeanor as she talks about her life and her walk in weight loss. She has already lost quite a bit of weight and is working on the last part of her journey.

Now, I am going to pass this award unto some other bloggers who are also in the under 200 category, that I appreciate. Awesome!

So, let's start the ceremonies. In no particular order, here are the awards. These are four bloggers with less than 200 followers who I appreciate reading very much and women that I consider blog friends. (Liebsters)

Joanna from 

Melissa from

Amy from 

Carbie Girl from 

Thank you all of you ladies for being great bloggers. Here is just a little bit on how I know these ladies and why I like them. 

  1. First of all, Joanna. She is a teacher who is actually starting her first year in the classroom after finishing her education. She is passionate about her kids and her career and she is very funny! I actually ran across her writing at Hubpages, where we both write once in a while She wrote an article about blogging. From there, I found her blog and the rest is history. 
  2. Next, Melissa. Melissa was the first blogger friend that I made. We met when we were both starting out our blogs. I gave mine up for over a year but she kept hers up and she's one of the sweetest ladies you could ever meet. 
  3. The next blogger is Amy. She has just started blogging and she is hilarious. She has joined me in the 100 miles 1 month challenge and we are going to try to motivate each other to walk this month. 
  4. Carbie Girl is another very funny blogger that I just recently discovered. She is very creative with her page design and shoots straight from the hip. 
Love them all! I hope you do, too!

By the way, I apologize if any of you have had trouble with the comments. If you have, could you please let me know either through my Facebook page or through my email, located on the "About Me" page?

I have been trying out different changes on the blog in the last little while and I hope you don't mind. I love to experiment and I've been working on making it as an online content writer. It's a huge learning curve! I have always loved writing and took a year of Journalism way back but then did not pursue it further. After that, I went into teaching for about eight years. Now, I am going the writing route again. This blog is my act of love while I experiment with different forms of online writing. I will write more about my writing in the weeks to come.

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And on an unrelated note, it's GiveAway Weekend this weekend in my city. This is the weekend where everyone can put stuff out on the curb, to be picked up by whomever. Insteaad of a citywide garage sale, it's a curbside giveaway. Cool, eh?