Monday, October 24, 2011

Trusting God For My Writing

I am starting to get my bearings about a writing career. It's been very hard to find a direction. What helped me today was a passage I read from Jeremiah during my Bible reading. Here's the story.

Jeremiah prayed for a word from the LORD
God had just saved a "remnant" of people from destruction from Babylon and they were grateful and told Jeremiah, their spiritual leader, that they would do anything that God asked of them.

Jeremiah went to the LORD, prayed and got a word from the LORD about what they should do. He told them to stay there in the land and to not go anywhere. Just stay where they were and trust in God for provision. If they did that, he would bless them beyond belief. Sounds simple, right? Stay put. Trust God.

Well, it wasn't simple for them and they refused to do it. You see, everything looked risky and they were scared. Instead they went to Egypt, moved to a place where they thought the world would protect them and started worshipping false gods again. WHY why would they do that? I mean, it seems silly, right? It's hard to believe they would blatantly disobey when they had heard from God so clearly but they did.

And that's what I think most of us do. Look for something else to save us, and we often flounder. We get a direction but then we veer, doubt. At least that is what I do! I have been letting myself get overwhelmed by all of the information out there, all of the things I could be doing, that I have forgotten what I am called to do. I do that so much, instead of staying put in what I have already started. 

I need to trust in God as my safety, above everything I read online about writing success and online marketing and Google. I need to trust in him, not in "Egypt" as it were: the gods of this world. And I need to stay put. Keep doing what I have set out to do and not look for anything else.

Where I am to stay put? Keep writing from the heart when I can. Look for writing jobs from what I know. Work on the sites I already have. Don't try to find jobs that I know nothing about but write from my already acquired expertise. And most of all, trust God to bring the increase. I prayed and I believe that this is where he wants me right now. I have to keep trusting that. That is what he asked of those of the remnant. That is what he asks of all of us.

This is a picture from my from my latest hub.
Last  night, I wrote a hub called, My Husband And I Are Opposites. It's the kind of hub I love writing: about relationships, to encourage others and make them laugh a bit. These are the kind of pieces I started with and I don't want to forget that kind of writing. I have had searches from all over the world for people missing their mother, from people in difficult second marriages and people considering divorce. This is part of what the LORD has called me to do. To encourage. To reach out.  He says that if I trust in Him, he will bring me the income I need to be sustainable.

My prayers were encouraged by a lovely comment from someone that read my blog, Katherine. She encouraged me to stay the course and it made my day. Thanks, Katherine! Here is her blog: For My Father's Glory. 

Find the Remnant Story Here: Jeremiah 42-43

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