Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Review of Audrey Messner's Book

Today is Beautiful Wednesday, where I talk about accepting yourself and your beauty.

I talk about this topic because I struggle with this one sometimes and although I'm not "there" yet completely, I believe that it is one of the keys to being the women we want to be.

I heard a speaker this week talk about this topic and I wanted to share her latest book called Like Yourself, Love Your Life: Overcome Big Mistakes & Celebrate Your True Beauty.  I haven't read it yet but I would like to. It's by Audrey Meisner, from the ministry, "It's A New Day," and it is about learning to accept yourself as God does.

Just a bit of background: Audrey is married to Bob, who is a pastor, and she had always been a "Jesus girl," who loved ministry, the church and God. She was happy in her marriage but started to feel a bit bored and wanting to have a bit more "fun." 

What started as a  harmless flirtation grew into an adulterous affair, and even an unexpected pregnancy. This led Audrey into the greatest self-hatred imaginable and this "Jesus Girl" was no longer perfect and did not like herself at all. 

I think many of us can relate to the part about not liking ourselves, for some reason, and this may be why we overeat, or do other self-destructive things. I know this applies to me and this is something I have to work to overcome as I am taking this weight-loss journey. It's often very deep-seated but there and inner healing is often needed to heal our bodies from destruction. 

This book is how she learned to like herself and love her life, and celebrate her beauty, based on knowing that God loved her no matter what. I have heard she and Bob share their testimony and it is powerful. They are regular hosts of the show, "It's a New Day" and I respect their teaching and testimony.

I have included a clip from them sharing their story, too.