Sunday, March 11, 2012

I lost a friend this weekend

I lost a friend this weekend. It was a man that helped me during a very difficult time in my life. He was only 44 years old, a year older than me. He had been part of our family for a long time, having dated my sister in college. His passing is only days away from the passing of my mother and it's sobering.

I had seen him just this summer and it turned out to the last time. My sister flew out with her husband and kids especially to see him (he lived in my city.) and at the time, he was very optimistic. The doctors had told him he still had another five years left because his cancer had gone into remission. He was restless and complaining that his boss would  not let him go back to work. He looked good. Tired but good.

I thought we had a lot more time. But we didn't. It sounds cliche but losing someone always reminds us of how short life really is. There is nothing guaranteed, and for the classic procrastinator like myself, it's kind of scary.

I do put things off that I should be doing, and why? I always think I have tomorrow, but who knows if I do? If any of us do. Rest in peace, Randy. I am so glad you were restless to work. It showed that you kept living up until the end of your life. I will miss you.